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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Change your heart

Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime by The Korgis

Change your heart
Look around you
Change your heart
It will astound you

I need your lovin' like the sunshine

Everybody's gotta learn sometime


  1. Excellent choice Alice!

    What do you think about this song (a favorite of mine)?


    (and no, this is not some creepy virus - just link to the song on YouTube) :-)


    1. Thank you :)

      Loved the song you sent, very 80s! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Alice!

    Thanks for the reply! Ok, I have one more song for you (and this is my last post on this thread - I promise!). This is another 80's song from a Swiss group called "Double" (that for all purposes was a one-hit wonder). I don't know why, but I have a soft spot for ballads/love songs that have piano in them, and this song has both piano AND saxophone in it! The lyrics are very nice too (and kinda sad just like you seem to like your songs/poems?)

    Please have a listen here:


    Lyrics here:


    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hello!

      I quite like your song choice! Ballads/love songs are always great to listen to. I also quite enjoy the saxophone in general. And you're right, I like these kinds of lyrics :) What kind of music do you like in general?

      Have a great week!

  3. Hi Alice!

    Well, I could have said that I like all kinds of music, but that would be a lie (and *never* trust anyone who says that to you! :-)

    Here's the thing: If - after considerable introspection- I were to name one particular type of music I always liked, that would be "dance music", irrespective of decade or genre. So, whether its 70's disco, 80's synthpop, 90's house, and 21st century electronic music, I probably like it (generally speaking). I am definitely not a big fan of metal/rock though I do like some classic rock, but that's about it - not my cup of tea.

    I do enjoy some classical music (I was going to comment on your other post to say that Debussy's "Clair de Lune" is my favorite piano piece!), and quite like some of the slow (sad!) ballads we've been talking about here (that you seem to be fond of as well). Don't know why, but somehow these damn ballads talking about unfulfilled love and heartbreak, always get me :-).

    What about you? Is there a specific type of music that you particularly like/enjoy?

    1. Hello!

      Hmm, well I could also say that I like all kinds of music though! But to be more specific I'm just open to all kinds of music - whatever sounds good to my ears - but there are particular genres I tend to listen to more, depending on my mood. I just tend to explore a lot :)

      Dance music is great, always gets me into a good mood. But I'd say I mostly listen to rock; post/experimental rock, progressive/psychedelic rock, indie rock, classic rock, alternative rock, etc. Other than that there's dream pop, electronic, trip-hop, blues, jazz, soul and, of course, classical. I do enjoy other genres as well though... As I said, I tend to explore quite a lot :)

      Clair de Lune is indeed a great piece, very soothing to listen to and one of my favourites as well :)

  4. Well, this is just great, isn’t it? Here I go saying that I am very particular (peculiar? weird?) with my music choices and you go write something like this:

    “I'm just open to all kinds of music - whatever sounds good to my ears - but there are particular genres I tend to listen to more, depending on my mood.”

    Which totally makes me look like an unsophisticated jackass! :-). This quote is wonderful by the way – I am stealing it!

    Ok, I was a bit harsh on rock music, probably because “rock” music has become such a generic term that encompasses almost everything. I mean, Death Metal (which I don’t like) is “rock” but also Pink Floyd is rock (which I like).

    Your point about the mood and music choice is spot on. I will also add that, as far as I am concerned, it’s much easier to write “happy” love songs, but much more difficult to write GOOD sad songs/ballads that will strike a chord with you. Maybe because we always search for the unattainable, it is easier to feel a connection with a song that talks about loss and disappointment? I don’t know.

    You got me going with your rock musical preferences, so here’s a confession. For some weird, unexplained, reason, I enjoyed Grunge and have a soft spot for Nirvana, especially their MTV unplugged album. Are you familiar with it? Here’s a bonus since you like sad ballads *and* rock music: One of the greatest live performances of a sad song you’ll ever see or hear: Kurt Cobain of Nirvana performing the song “About a Girl” on MTV Unplugged from way back in 1993.


    Have a wonderful day Alice!

    1. It's absolutely fine to have particular tastes in music! And yes, wonderful quote! Haha :)

      I agree with what you said about the sad songs/ballads. I do know Nirvana's MTV Unplugged album and the song you sent is probably one of my favourite by them! It's been a while since I'd listened to it :)

      The song you sent reminded me of this one; not a ballad but a sad/rock song.


      Hope you've been having a good weekend!

  5. Hi Alice,

    Thanks for the link - I really liked it!

    OK I have a question: you post both songs you like, but also a number of (sad!) poems. Have *you* written any poems or something like that? And if so, would you be willing to share with us? :-)

    1. Hello!

      In fact, I've written some poems over the years! Most of them I haven't felt like sharing (or are not for sharing), so far at least, but I've shared four of them in this blog. I've pasted the links below. Usually whatever I've written, be it prose or a poem, has my name at the end :) I'm usually more confident in my prose!


      The first three have instrumental pieces attached to them which you should listen to while reading. Hope you like them :)

      Have a wonderful day!

    2. (I've just realised that the youtube link for 'The Mist' was no longer working so I've attached one that works!)

  6. Alice!

    Thank you for providing the links! I read your poems and quite liked them, especially Together Invincible - I like that one the best. Reading them reminded me of a few pieces I wrote some time ago, and actually searched my old hard drive for them. Ιt’s funny how when you read – with fresh eyes - something you wrote a while ago that parts now seem dated, and sound weird and awkward, and you want to change them (I guess this is what the creative process is all about?). In any case this got me going, and over the weekend, I revised a small poem I wrote, one that I never shared before, and which now …. (drumroll please!) dedicate to you!

    A couple of things. When I got interested (a little bit) in poetry a few years ago and looked around (mainly on the internet) for what people are writing these days, I realized that pretty much everyone writes free-form style. The impression I got was that too many people use pompous words and convoluted, nonsensical sentences, in the hope that somehow it makes them sound deep and intellectual. In fact, it was the exact opposite for me, as I thought they came out shallow and pretentious. I also realized that, if you ask your average person to tell you a favorite poem (or poems) of theirs, they would invariably tell you “traditional” poems, i.e. the classic poems that rhyme. I think this is because deep down we like musicality in our words, and if you can match the message with the right words, it’s the best you could ever hope for. Now, this does not mean I do not like free-form poetry (quite the contrary!) but for the few pieces I wrote, I tried to give them that old-school-rhyme-treatment (which I found to be harder to do actually!)

    Enough of my philosophy on modern poetry – here is a short, silly little poem. It is also *by far* the ‘happiest’ I wrote (my few others are much, much darker!).

    More than words

    You changed my life,
    in the blink of an eye,
    a feeling in my heart,
    which I cannot deny,

    You made each day,
    one I'll never forget,
    everything we went through,
    I’ll never regret

    You chased away,
    the worries and fears,
    You wiped away,
    the pain and the tears,

    It seemed like a dream,
    and it all but came true,
    everything’s beautiful,
    and it’s all thanks to you

    You’re the gold I will treasure,
    all the way to the end,
    You are my soulmate, companion,
    and now my best friend,

    I hope that by now
    you will already know,
    that my love is so much,
    mere words cannot show.

    1. Hello!

      I'm glad you liked my poems! It's true that once you go back to reading things you cannot identify with anymore it feels a bit weird, but sometimes it's just nice to revisit those feelings or thoughts. And that's true about poetry, although I can definitely say I do prefer free verse to traditional rhyming poetry, just because there's no structure, it's more flexible and I guess one can be even more creative with it. I do agree with you that many people tend to write in an unnecessarily complex/nonsensical way though, I don't really enjoy that either. I prefer poems that are to the point and pass their message across simply but beautifully nonetheless.

      Having said that though, I really liked your poem! I must admit that trying to write a poem that rhymes but also sounds good is, indeed, quite hard! You definitely managed to match your message with the right words to create that musicality you mentioned. Thank you for sharing it with me, I really appreciate it :)

      I would also love to read any of your darker poems if you ever feel like sharing!

  7. Hi Alice!

    Thank you for your kind words, I *really* appreciate it coming from you!

    Ok, here’s the deal. I wasn't going to show you any of my sad poems for the simple reason that, well, it would take the element of mystery/surprise away….

    You are probably thinking, that’s strange, what on earth does he mean by that?

    Well, the problem is that the few sad poems I wrote are….in a different language! A language that is actually native to both you and me since… we are compatriots!

    That’s right Alice, we’ve been communicating in English, but I am from Cyprus as well, and the poem I am sharing below was written in Greek. I wasn’t sure if I was going to tell you about this (hence the stupid “mystery” thing above), but I really enjoy our conversations, so I decided I’ll go ahead and tell you. There’s really nothing to hide here, I just thought it was fun how we have been communicating like this, and didn’t feel I should tell you more (you never asked anyway)!

    Now a couple of things. First, this blogger platform you are using does not allow for any kind of text formatting (especially in foreign languages), so what I did is I took a picture of the poem, and posted it in the link below so you can read it properly, as I would want you to read it. The poem is especially, especially, dedicated to you!

    Second, I wrote this poem a while back, and was inspired by (and think of it as a modern version?) of one of my favorite (if not *the* favorite) and saddest poems of all time. So please read it and tell me:

    1) If you like it (be absolutely honest!) and
    2) (and this is a test for you!), if you can recognize the poem that was my source for inspiration!

    Without further delay, here it is:


    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hello :)

      So you're from Cyprus then! This conversation has indeed been quite mysterious in that sense, although you must admit you know far more about me than I do about you (apart from, perhaps, your taste in music and poetry). I don't even know your name!

      Thank you for the poem and dedication, it's beautiful :) It's been a bit hard to recognise the poem that was your source of inspiration! Well it must be a greek poem and the only poem I could think of which came to mind at parts while reading your poem was Μονόγραμμα (Οδυσσέας Ελύτης). I might be far from it though, any other hints?

  8. Hi Alice!

    Well, you are right that it is a Greek poem, though not in the way you are thinking!

    I could give you another hint but I don't think it would help - ιt's probably hard enough even if you knew what I was talking about!

    In any case, my inspiration was actually a...Cypriot poem (written in the Cypriot dialect and not Greek per se). It's the well known poem “Βούττημαν ήλιου” by Δημήτρης Λιπέρτης, which is my favorite poem of his, and as far as I am concerned, it’s in my top TWO poems of all time dealing with unfulfilled love and loss/death (I'll tell you the second one tomorrow!). Are you familiar with this poem?

    I like to think of my poem as a homage to Λιπέρτης’, and even the titles are practically the same (with a little twist as the original is in the Cypriot dialect and I wrote mine in proper Greek - see it?). My last verse is definitely, and shamelessly, a copy of the ending by Λιπέρτης. I could only dream to be able to write even half as beautifully as Λιπέρτης could. Λιπέρτης and Βασιλης Μιχαηλιδης are the two giants of Cypriot poetry – everybody else are simply footnotes.

    Without further delay, here’s Λιπέρτης poem. Stay tuned, because tomorrow I will let you know of my other favorite in the top two. That one you might be familiar with, and comes with an added bonus as it has music set to its lyrics, and I will provide you with a link to the absolute best version of it ever!


    Βούττημαν ήλιου

    Ἄρκον πὢν νὰ με παίρνουσιν οἱ τέσσερεις τζι ἐμέναν
    Μὲς τζ'είν τὴν ἀνακατωσ'ιὰν
    Ἔλα τζι ἐσοὺ στὴν ἐκκλησ'ιὰν
    Μὲν ἀντραπῆς κανέναν.

    Ἀγάπουσ σε ἔξω ψυσῆς τζι ἒν νὰ σὲ καταχνώσουν·
    Ἂν εἶσαι κόρη σπλαχνιτζ´ὴ
    Μὲν περαρκήσης, ἔρκου τζ'εῖ
    Πριχοῦ νὰ μὲ λουκκώσουν

    Τοὺς ζωντανοὺς ἒν πὤχουσιν μάσ'ην τζι ὲν τοὺς χωνεύκουν,
    Τοὺς πεθαμμένους συχχωροῦν·
    Ἒν φούχτα χῶμαν τζι ὲν μποροῦν,
    Κόρη, νὰ τοῦς παιδεύκουν.

    Ππέφτει τους πκιὸν μακάριση τζιαὶ ψυσικὸν δϊοῦσιν
    Γιατὶ ποὺ τὸν ψεματινὸν
    Πηαίννουν στὸν ἀληθινὸν
    Κόσμον, τζι ἒν νὰ κριθοῦσιν.

    Ἂν μὲν μοῦ κάμουν κόλλυφα στὲς τρεῖς, μὲ σαραντάριν
    Μήτε στὸν χρόνον λουτουρκάν,
    Πάρουμου γιὰ παρηορκὰν
    Κάμε μου τούν τὴν χάριν.

    Βούττημαν ἥλιου τζι ὕστερις τέλεια πὢν να σιγράση
    Τζιαὶ πὢν ν'ἀδκειάσουν τὰ στενὰ
    Πὼν ἔσ'ει πλάσμαν νὰ περνᾶ
    Γιὰ νὰ σὲ ξιφαράση,

    Ἔλα τζιαὶ'σοὺ στὸ μνῆμαν μου τζιαὶ μὲσ'τὸν μπότην ἅψε
    Ἁϊταφίτικον τζ'ερὶν
    Κάπνισε, κόρη, νακκουρίν
    Νομάτισ'με τζιαὶ κλάψε.

    --- Δημήτρης Θ. Λιπέρτης

    1. Hello!

      I should have thought of that! Μονόγραμμα is quite a long poem so I thought it might have sort of inspired you for the overall message, some words were similar as well, even though I couldn't see real similarity. We do have a collection of the poems of Λιπέρτης at home, I just failed to remember this one, mostly because I was trying to think of a Greek poem and had ruled out any other possibilities.

      As for Βασίλης Μιχαηλίδης, my family likes to think that the woman he was hopelessly in love with, the Frankish Ευγενία Παρτζίλη, was an ancestor of ours. It's claimed that my great grandfather Παρτζίλης was a descendant of a Frankish family. This year a cousin of mine travelled to Venice and met some Bargillis there who bore a striking resemblance to my uncles. Who knows... :)

      Looking forward to your second favourite poem!

  9. Well, my apologies for not realizing I was conversing with a Frankish Princess! I knew there was something regal about you (seriously!). And I appreciate your Majesty taking time from her busy schedule to talk to a commoner such as yours truly… Your humble servant is blessed and honored to be having this conversation…

    OK, now back to our normal schedule!…I think it’s hard for anyone to say which one poem is at the top of their all-time favorites, but for me, there is always one that never fails to send shivers down my spine.

    Now you are probably familiar with it, as it’s not some obscure poem that nobody’s ever heard of. That poem for me is «Τριανταφυλλένη» (Παραδοσιακό). It’s just such a sad (and devastating) poem, that was set to wonderful music that suits it perfectly. The problem then becomes to listen to the RIGHT version of it, as many have tried singing the song and only ONE has truly mastered it (this is what I was talking about yesterday).

    The best version, by far, is by Αλκινοος Ιωαννιδης, and it’s not even the first one that comes up when you search youtube for it.

    You see, a few years ago, Αλκινοος Ιωαννιδης put out a CD with Cypriot traditional songs (called “Που Δύσην ως Ανατολήν - Τραγούδια της Κύπρου”). As part of the tour to promote the CD, he gave concerts in Cyprus, and I was lucky enough to go to one of them. Now, the weird thing is that the song «Τριανταφυλλένη» is NOT on the CD, however he sang the song at every concert he gave around Cyprus. As far as I am concerned, best version of the song EVER, was given in those live versions and was captured at one of the concerts in the link below. Nothing gets close IMHO:

    Link to the song:

    Lyrics for «Τριανταφυλλένη» here:

    PS> Are you familiar with the CD “Που Δύσην ως Ανατολήν - Τραγούδια της Κύπρου”? It’s really awesome. If you don’t have it, I insist (No, I DEMAND!) that you listen to it. I have the original CD, and since I am an audio purist, I can copy it and send you a FLAC version of it (do you know what that is?). Just let me know!

    1. Oh you have been forgiven, humble servant!

      I do know the poem 'Τριανταφυλλένη' and I've actually heard of the version done by Αλκίνοος Ιωαννίδης. I wasn't aware of the CD though and I'm not sure if I have heard any of the other songs on it. It would be great if you could sent me a FLAC version of it! (I do know what it is).

      Thank you very much! Hope you had a good weekend :)

  10. It's official then - You are my Princess!

    I hereby pledge my full and eternal allegiance to Her Royal Highness, Princess Alice of the House of Karayiannis-Bargillis, First of Her name, Princess Regent and Lady of Cyprus and Oxford, Protector of the Realm (Sneaky reference to Game of Thrones there!).

    All I need is a sword and I am officially your knight!

    Your humble servant only asks her Royal Highness for a day's notice so that he can provide her with the absolute best peasant music from her native lands, which, for her utmost listening pleasure, will be provided at the best possible quality...

    Stay tuned for tomorrow your Highness!

  11. Good morning Princess!

    As promised by your loyal servant, I am sending you a FLAC version of the entire CD by Alkinoos Ioannides.

    There are 3 songs that stand out for me, both due to their wonderful lyrics but also because of their beautiful melodies.

    The first is “Αχερόμπασμαν” Song#3 (which if you do not already know, it refers to the procedure whereby farmers would store the straw from their wheat fields (άχυρα) into warehouses so that their animals could feed during the winter). It’s just such a wonderful love song – I like to think of it as an expression of pure, unadulterated love. It doesn’t have any “I love your body” or “shake that ass girl” crap. Just a song about loving someone so much that you just want to find any excuse to see or talk to them!

    The second is “Το τέρτιν της καρτούλλας μου” (Song# 7). This is actually a sad song with some lovely lyrics. It’s also an old school love song, and the last verse is truly superb:

    Εσoύ `σε ο καθρέφτης
    το καθαρό γυαλίν
    που φέγγει στην Ευρώπην
    τζαι στην Ανατολήν.

    I seriously can’t think of something more beautiful to say to your loved one.

    Last, but definitely not least, is “ Το γιασεμίν” (Song# 11). I don’t think there’s much to say here – quite possibly the most beautiful melody in Cypriot traditional songs - hair raising.
    As it happens, Jasmine has always been my favorite plant and I just LOVE a house with a Jasmine at the front entrance welcoming the guests. I’ve always sworn that if I ever build a house, the absolute *first* thing I will do is put a Jasmine plant at the front entrance!!!

    Please download from the link below (scroll down and select the "slow download" which is free). Let me know if you have any problems!!!


    1. Hello :)

      Thank you very much for the link! I've listened to all the songs and I must say the whole CD is quite beautiful to listen to. Beautiful melodies and lyrics, as you said. I also quite enjoyed the traditional instruments. I did know most of the songs (if not all), it turns out, but these versions by Αλκίνοος Ιωαννίδης must be the best to listen to.

      Referring to the three songs that you like best from the album (which are probably the ones that stood out for me as well, now that I've listened to the whole thing), I don't think I could describe 'Αχερόμπασμαν' better than you did. Very delicate and pure, indeed, both in melody and lyrics. 'Το τέρτιν της καρτούλλας μου' was also lovely to listen to and that last verse is quite beautiful. As for 'Το γιασεμίν', this one I definitely heard before, another beautiful song and I absolutely agree with what you said about Jasmine.

      On a different note, I’m sorry to ruin the element of mystery in our conversations, but it feels awkward to be talking to someone who knows so much about you and you know nothing about them. If we are to continue these conversations, would you please identify yourself?

  12. Alice!

    I was hoping this mystery thing would go on and on, but the Princess has given me an order, so now I must obey!

    Before I do that, please allow me *not* to tell you outright who I am, but instead give you a few clues and see if you can figure it out!

    I realize you think I know all these things about you, but that could not be further from the truth. In reality, I simply know nothing more than your name, that you are doing your Masters at Oxford, and that you previously got your Bachelors at St. Andrew’s in Scotland. Oh, and that you like photography and to travel!

    That’s basically it - I do not have any magical powers nor any connections to Scotland Yard or the FBI!

    Here start the clues:

    1. I guess I am not a total, complete stranger. That said, we only met very briefly a couple of times this past summer (where we really said nothing more than just a hello), so technically you should (maybe?) remember who I am. It’s of course possible you might not recall any of it.
    2. When I met you, I was just struck by your awesome smile. I know it sounds like the world’s worst cliché, but I distinctly remember you just smiling for a couple of seconds without saying anything, and I thought it was the best thing ever. It’s what made me look you up. Every now and then, I remember you smiling on that day, and it really makes me feel better (yeah, the cliché gets worse and worse but it’s true!). It sounds silly but that day just stuck with me.
    3. Since we have a few common friends on facebook, your name just showed up on those “people you might now” messages. I couldn’t resist looking up the smiling princess, so I clicked on your profile, and your blog is listed right there at the very front, along with info on your studies at Oxford and St. Andrews, and your interest in photography (not much mystery there!).

    Did this help? If not, I will give you a final set of clues tomorrow!

    PS1>You almost sounded angry about not knowing who I am, and I most definitely do not want (nor was it ever my intention) to get you upset. I guess I just started commenting on your blog, and you responded without ever really asking me, so I just went with it!

    PS2> I am really glad you like the CD!!! As far as I am concerned, it’s the best versions of Cypriot traditional songs EVER.

    1. Hello!

      I agree that mysteries are exciting, but you should also agree that it is more of a mystery to me than to you! Also, I just wanted to say that I wasn't angry or upset in my message. Was just wanting to find out who I've been talking to because we've been talking for some time and I guess it just started feeling a bit awkward and uncomfortable not to know.

      As for the CD, I think so too! I've only listened to these songs from traditional singers in the past, but Αλκίνοος does a great job in his versions of the songs.

      Thank you for your compliments :) I think I might know who you are, but I wouldn't mind you sending me the final set of clues tomorrow, just to make sure!

      Have a good night :)

  13. Alice!

    I tried to give very few clues, but as I feared, the Princess is too smart and figured it out anyway!

    I don’t know if I can call them “clues” anymore - as I am sure you figured it out - but here it goes:

    1) We met during the summer but it was not on holiday. You actually did some work over the summer - it was not all fun and play!

    2) I called you “το γελαστό κορίτσι” – you probably don’t remember this - but I think it suits you perfectly! I have no idea if you are a happy person or not - I don’t even know you - but when I met you, you radiated this happiness with your smile, which is what I remember about you. I happen to think it’s *awesome* I remember you this way – smiling Alice! - wouldn’t want it any other way!

    If you have not figured out who I am by now, then *I* am the one who will be offended!

    PS> A little trivia for you. The song “Το τέρτιν της καρτούλλας μου” on the CD I gave you, is not actually sang by Alkinoos! I know this because I went to the concert, and then of course if you read the credits on the CD it is listed as well. One of his collaborators sings it, Μιλτιάδης Παπαστάμου, who is Greek so of course he is καλαμαράς! It was weird to hear him talk (να καλαμαριζει) at the concert, but then he manages to get the Cypriot accent perfect for the song, and it’s such a moving performance as well!

    1. Hello there :)

      I listened to 'Το τέρτιν της καρτούλλας μου' again and you're absolutely right, it's not Αλκίνοος! It's unlike me not to realise the change in voice, especially because he has such a characteristic voice, but I guess I was paying more attention to the melody and lyrics of the song. Thanks for pointing it out!

      Thank you once again for your nice comments about my smile :) I can say that I'm a happy/optimistic person in general with an occasional melancholy (perhaps not so occasional) and several moodswings! I guess you might be able to figure some of that out from my posts?

      I'm 99.9% sure about who you are, I just needed that first clue to make sure. But, there is that 0.1% that makes me doubt and worry that I might get it wrong. I'm not sure how I could reveal this to you without making a fool of myself. Tell you what, I will give you a link below, and if you are who I think you are, you'll understand :)


      Have a good evening!

  14. Good morning to Princess Alice!

    Well the plot surely thickens. I saw the link and …. I am confused! The song is the famous “Night Fever” by the Bee Gees. Now I like the Bee Gees and I do like that particular song [even though my favorite song of theirs is the following – please have a listen as it’s a beautiful love song as well!]


    I am sure we never discussed music before (as I said we only met twice for a total of 5 minutes, where we just said Hello) so I don’t know what the connection to this song is... I checked and the Bee Gees were from Australia, and 2/3 of them are dead :-(. And as far as the lyrics are concerned, well, it's true I *do* get me some night fever on a Saturday every now and then, but how could you possibly know? :-)

    So yes, I am confused...

    I usually think of song references in two ways: The first, is when the song is known to both parties, so for example, let’s say tomorrow we simply stopped talking. If by some chance we reconnected in a few years, I could send you a link to Αλκινοος «Τριανταφυλλενη», and you should immediately realize who I am. The second way, I suppose, would be by the song’s lyrics. If I sent you a link to a song called “Princess Alice” or to a song «Το γελαστο κοριτσι», you should understand, even though that song would not be known to either of us.

    I am sure I am missing something here, so either you are too smart for me, or I am not who you think I am? :-)

    The roles are reversed, and now I need more clues from you!! :-)

    1. Good morning :)

      It's true that song references are usually taken in either of the two ways you mentioned, but the truth is my reference is none of the two, or maybe it could be considered in the second way you mentioned... Have you checked the year and week the song was produced?

      If you're still not getting it... then I would need more clues from you please! After all, I'm the one who's in the dark here :)

      P.S. The link you sent is another great song by the Bee Gees!

  15. Ok this is turning into an Agatha Christi novel...

    The song (according to Wikipedia) was released on 7 February 1978, which means it had its 39th birthday just 3 days ago... Other than that... I am completely baffled! I am beginning to think you are confusing me with someone else. Which is not surprising, as I am sure you must be talking to a lot of people - you are beautiful AND smart. (Trust me that is a RARE combination) :-)

    Ok, one more clue: The two times we met were in a parking lot...

    1. Thank you :)

      The thing is I now recall what you said about to 'γελαστό κορίτσι', but if you are who I think you are now, then you must admit you have confused me a bit by saying that we only met briefly a couple of times where we said nothing more than just hello and that I might not even remember that...

      I'm pretty sure I'd seen you more than a couple of times (quite a few mornings in the parking lot) and at some point I clearly remember us talking about my internship and you asking me when it would end (not at the parking lot)... So you can understand that I had ruled you out with that first clue because you were someone I had actually spoken to more than twice and obviously remembered...

      Do you agree? :)

  16. Well, Alice, it's not my fault if you were stalking me in the parking lot and saw me more times than that! :-)

    Yeah, In my mind it was a simple hello, but I guess it was a little bit more, and included "how are you doing", and "when is your internship over?" Now that I think about it, I even asked when you were leaving, and I think it was like a few short days afterwards, and that was it. Did we actually meet/talk somewhere else besides the parking lot? I thought I only saw you there on a couple of mornings.

    I am deeply offended that you confused me with someone else (this mysterious "Mr. Saturday Night Fever" guy), and I hope you were stalking him for much longer than you were stalking me :-)

    1. If I haven't mistaken you for someone else then we also met at a sort of student/staff meeting at the NTL building and that's where you first spoke to me.

      You shouldn't be offended, it's not my fault that you confused me with your clues and also not my fault that your memory is not as good as mine :)

      If by now you still feel that I'm mistaking you for someone else then it would be great if you could just tell me who you are? :)

  17. Well, then let me introduce myself,

    Hi Alice, I am Mr. Saturday Night Fever...

    (You didn't think you would get away with it *that* easy, did you??? I will *never* forget (nor forgive you!) for mistaking me for a Bee Gee!).

    Even now, I can still sense that you have some doubts about who I am, so I will clear them out by the end of this message.

    Now something completely irrelevant.

    You are also into photography, and I was wondering what kind of gear do you have? Any fancy full-frame slr's with expensive glass or more on the amateur/enthusiast side? Here's a confession: I finally decided to talk to you after I looked at the pictures you took in rural Cyprus last summer in Paphos (it sounded like a nice trip: Stavros tis Psokas, Droushia, Androlikou (went once a looong time ago), Fasli (? never heard of it), etc). After seeing your pictures, I want to go to Androlykou and *literally steal* that hand-made metal door with the peacock on it in that abandoned house. That door would be easy to fix (some sandblasting really) and awesome to re-use as a door, or even use it as artwork in an art project (even a coffee table maybe?). *Nobody* can make those anymore, and I am actually shocked no one hasn't stolen it yet!

    Signing out,

    Pavlos (aka Mr. Saturday Night Fever)

    1. Well hello there Mr. Saturday Night Fever :)

      Mystery solved then!

      I do not have a fancy full-frame slr (I've got a Canon 550D), but I do have some decent lenses to play around with. Apart from the standard kit lens I have a 50mm f/1.8, a 75-300mm f/4-5.6 and a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. I consider myself to be more of an enthusiast, I've still got a lot to learn. What about you?

      As for the photos taken in Paphos, I enjoy road-tripping around Cyprus and discovering new places in general. We've got a house in Drousha (although none of my parents are from Paphos) so I get to visit villages in the area more easily over the summer :) I agree with you that that peacock door was something else! Well then, the next time I visit Androlykou and don't see that peacock door in its place, I'll know what happened to it! (I must say that it would look good with the Jasmine plant)

  18. Alice, that’s an excellent idea!!!

    That will be the name of my house, 'Peacock and Jasmine'! (sounds like the name of a pub!). The door would make an *excellent* front gate for “my house” and would match perfectly with the Jasmine plants on either side! Holy crap – I am seriously going to steal it. If you need company for a trip to Paphos this summer, let me know! (I will need an assistant in removing some 'artifacts', for “research purposes” of course)…

    I asked about your camera because a few years ago, I bought a Cannon D500 (which is ancient by now I guess) and a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens. I think I used it a total of 3-4 times, and it’s been sitting in a drawer for some time – I probably should get rid of it. I like photography, but I am not passionate about it, and I could not bring myself to carry all that damn gear with me wherever I went. I keep up with new releases in camera equipment, and I’ve been thinking of getting one of those compact cameras with fixed lens that seem to have both small size (portability) and good picture quality (like the Fuji X100F or the Sony DSC-RX100). This summer, I am thinking of going to America for vacation (have you been by the way??), and if I do go, I might buy one of those.

    1. It does sound like the name of a pub! But I agree that the two would make a beautiful combination for 'your house'. Actually, there exists a plant called the 'Hawaiian Peacock Jasmine' (aka Pikake Jasmine). Jasmine is one my favourite plants too; nothing like the smell of Jasmine in the atmosphere during Spring/Summer in Cyprus! We have three Jasmine plants at home - but not at the entrance of the house. I shall let you know, especially if I do happen to visit Androlykou! For research purposes, of course... This sentence almost reminds me of all the readings I've been doing lately about colonialism and the looting of cultural heritage 'for research purposes and preservation'.

      Your equipment is good; with that camera and that lens you can do a lot. I get you though, I feel the same about having to carry the gear around. When I first began taking photos I was really passionate about it and didn't mind at all. I still don't, for the most part, but the thing is I rarely take my camera with me on overseas trips because of its weight and the gear. I basically only use it in Cyprus lately and even there I no longer carry it around everywhere like I used to, just when I know I'll need it. I actually recently got a Nikon P7800 (old model which is no longer being produced). I just wanted a good but cheap alternative so I went for it. I like its vintage feel! So if I were you I'd definitely go for one of those compact cameras you mentioned - both of them look good - and it would be good to have one on your trip! I haven't been to America, would definitely like to go one day. Where are you thinking of going?

  19. Alice!

    At this point, it’s open regarding when or where in the States I’ll go (if I end up going, that is). The ‘when’ part is really anytime over the summer – I don’t have any restrictions. Regarding the ‘where ‘part, it’s more complicated. My brother lives in New York (in Long Island) but has a house in Astoria (which is a suburb of Queens in New York City) and has a basement apartment which is not used, and I could stay there for free. I have my best (American) friend who lives in Dallas, Texas so I could go visit there as well and stay with him (he has a fancy house).

    However, if you asked me, the best trip for a couple of weeks to visit the States would go something like this: Assuming we are talking about a 2 week trip, i.e. about 15 days, you divide it in 3 segments of about 5 days each. In the first segment (for the first 4-5 days) you visit NYC to see the city, central park, times square, statue of liberty etc, even go to Broadway shows, etc. For the second segment, you take an internal flight and go to Las Vegas, to stay at one of the nice casino hotels (which are actually not that expensive as they make their money from gambling!). The nice thing about Las Vegas is that its actually at the edge of Nevada, and you can rent a car and in like 4 hours you can go to Los Angeles, so you can actually combine Las Vegas with California. Not to mention that from Las Vegas you can drive very easily to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon (now *that’s* a place to take pictures). For the final segment, you fly from LA (or Las Vegas) to Miami in Florida and you spend the last 5 days being a bum on Miami beach, relaxing and enjoying Miami and its latin character. That’s what I would recommend to anyone! If I go by myself, I’ll probably just visit friends. If I find company, I might do the 15-day trip I just told you.

    Where would the Princess go if she visited the United States???

    1. Not having to worry about accommodation is pretty great! I also have some relatives living in the States, as well as a couple of friends. I guess being able to stay in New York would be a better option for sightseeing?

      Your plans all sound awesome! Would love to visit all the places you mentioned. As for me, I have no idea how I would plan my visit if I were to go since I don't know how easy it would be to get from one place to another and how I would manage my time accordingly. I'm well aware that all the different places I'd like to visit are not necessarily close to each other! And they're quite a few... Would also love to visit latin America. One day!

  20. Tell you what Alice: If you don’t have any better plans this summer, and if all you are going to do is go around stealing doors from abandoned villages (shame on you!), then I extend an invitation for you to join me in visiting America. I could not possibly have a better companion, and you could not possibly find a better guide! I am not kidding – think about it!!

    In case you decline my offer (and wish to continue your deplorable, thieving ways), then I can only offer you the following!


    Have a wonderful, wonderful day!

    1. Thank you for the invitation 🙂 I do have plans for the summer though, as well as a master's dissertation to write! I'm sure you would have been a great guide though.

      I loved your little drawing; I must say that the peacock door and jasmine plants definitely look great together!

      Have a good night :)